After you reach level 10, you will begin to obtain 4 stat points for every level. These points can be used for any stat, no matter what class you are, so allocate them wisely. If you require a stat reset, you will need to either run Simpson's Chamber several times for a chance at a reset potion drop, or recharge $10.00 to buy one for 300 diamonds (item mall currency).

Stat point introductionEdit

In Chrono Tales, you can build your class any way you like, some more silly then others... but you can build your character the way YOU want to.

Strength yields physical attack, the increase depends on what class you are using, but typically you would gain 1 point of attack.

Intellect yields magic attack of course, strength's opposite.

Agility yields a critical bonus and a hit bonus. The crit bonus is higher than the hit bonus, as agility is the primary stat for critical bonuses.

Luck yields dodge and hit bonuses. However, luck is agility's opposite, in turn, adding points to this stat will yield more dodge than hit.

Stamina yields health and defense. Some character's will gain more health per point than others, for example an assassin gain 12 health per 1 point of stamina.

HIT yields accuracy. This is so you can actually hit what you are targeting. For example, if you have a low hit stat and you're trying to fight a high dodge assassin, it is very possible you will hit for several "misses" due to your lack of points in this stat. Having low hit isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you definitely want to try and keep it to where you do not have trouble protecting yourself or grinding.

Critical acts as your crit rate, there hasn't been a set percentage as to how this works exactly, but the higher you raise this stat, the more you'll find yourself hitting everything, or everyone with a critical hit.

Dodge is dodge, very self explanatory. Most players overlook this stat, excluding assassins as it is the most beneficial to that specific class. The higher you crank dodge up, the more often a player or monster will hit you for a "miss".

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