Here you will find information pertaining to the 2 classes of Priest & Scholar.


A Priest is very similar to Mage; in Chrono Tales, a Priest can also be played as a damage dealing class. While Priests do typically heal, and they can do this in Chrono Tales, they also get buffs. In Chrono Tales, they receieve a buff that increases their attack as well as their party member by a substantial amount, allowing the class to play very well as a damage dealer. However, they still lack in health and defense, so your gear should be centered around filling this void to increase survivability. Priests heal in Chrono Tales is also partially based on your mana pool, so the higher your mana, the higher you would heal yourself and your party. If your mana pool is low, this can be a big crutch during your higher levels as you will need to heal your party members for a lot of health. A good example would be partying with a Warrior that has 28,000 health. 


Scholars are similar to an archer in other games. They wield a "device" instead of a bow, and shoot something along the lines of a dart from the weapon. They have long range and typically focus on agility and stamina bonuses. Their attack and defense is rather low, as well as their health pool, however this can be solved by focusing around stamina and defense bonuses. Their critical rate tends to be rather decent or comparable to that of other classes as the general stat allocation for this class would consist of agility, stamina and strength, for it's respective con's.